We work with clients in a number of different industries, but we’re particularly equipped with the scientific knowledge and business savvy required for clients in the tech and B2B spaces. Through detailed research, strategic script development, cinematic videography, top-notch post, and heart-led project management, we create brand content that shines.

Byrd McDonald

Founder/ Creative Director


I founded Porter Panther to find a way to marry my passion for filmmaking technique with my love of telling stories. I also wanted to surround myself with other natural-born storytellers and create an environment where taking chances is rewarded. I love my job.  Not only do I get to lead the creative for my clients, I get to know their brands, their messages, their needs and their customers intimately, which informs the strategy we bring to every project. I picked up my first camera when I was 9 years old. I imagine that I’ll still be filming when I’m 90. When I’m not at work, you can usually find me in some dark environment playing pool. I’m a shark. You’ve been warned. 

Sean Hutchinson

Creative Executive


Greetings and welcome to my work bio! It’s the most unfortunate part of an otherwise dream job. I get to work with cool people, shape great creative, architect production systems and still have time to chauffeur my sporty teens around. My journalism and filmmaking degrees blend perfectly in my role at Porter Panther. I’m constantly drawing upon lessons learned from WGBH/CPB Producers Academy and BAVC New Media fellowships, while staying on the hunt for the next, better idea. My production photo of Yingfeng Dog Park in Taipei, Taiwan has 2,009,260 views on Google Maps, perhaps my greatest claim to fame at Porter Panther! When not undermining the patriarchy, I enjoy long walks, Panini sticker albums and Q*bert. Follow @MyPurplePanther on Twitter.

Alan Winston

Head of Postproduction


I’ve been fascinated with films and filmmaking for as long as I can remember. That fascination led me to forming my own production group at the age of 15, creating and running a successful long-running TV show while in college, and training in nearly every area of production. Over the years I’ve worked on everything from small local productions to large-budget TV series and films as an animator, sound designer, director of photography, camera assistant, actor, videography instructor, web designer, programming and creative director and visual effects compositor, but my favorite type of work is editing. My specialty is finding creative solutions to challenging problems, often before anyone notices a problem exists. Away from work and my own productions, my interests include strategy gaming, baseball and silent film history.